Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 1:No Coffee

Well today I decided to take my doctor's advice from yesterday. I did not drink coffee and I literally feel like I am dying. My head is pounding and I was ready for bed at 3pm. Good thing I am home all week because falling asleep at my desk at school would have been a problem. So tomorrow I am going to talk to the Master of All Things, aka my mother, and see if she thinks I can drink coffee. If she says no I will keep calling family members until I find one that says I don't have to listen to my doctor.

So today I had a revelation. I am addicted to Pinterest. What is Pinterest you ask? Pinterest is only the best, most exciting and addicting thing on the planet. It's even better than facebook. That's right I said it. The numero uno person additcted to anything and everything facebook has found a new website that tops facebook. Basically Pinterest is a place where you can make virtual pinboards. Then you can scroll through what everyone else is pinning and repin those pins to your boards. And then when you go back to them, they are always there! See a craft you like? Pin it! When you click on your pin, pinterest redirects you to the website that will show you how to make the craft! Same with recipes! You're pinboards can be anything you want. My pinboards are as follows: Cuties!(a place to pin cute animals/children), quote I like, I <3 teaching, yummm (this pinboard is pointless for me really because I don't cook. But I like to look at all the yummy food and think about how delicious it would be it I DID cook it), LOVE (anything that reminds me of my husband, talks about love, weddings, marriages, families, etc), dream home, clothes and accessories, things that make me smile (random things usually get pinned here because there is no where else to put them), crafty ideas (this board has caused me to spend a lot of money),places I want to visit, hair makeup and nails, I heart organizing (this one has caused me to reorganize my entire home), books music and movies, shoesies!, celebrities I love, our wedding(did I forget to mention you can upload your own photos! So I uploaded my wedding photoes for the pinterest world to see!) and last but definitely not least, an entire pinboard devoted to ryan gosling and those delicious abs! I am creating a new board as we speak- Leo DiCaprio:My first love. Obviously I am obsessed with this site and spend every free second I have on it. When I'm not on pinterest I am thinking about pinterest and all the wondrous pins that await me! So if you don't have a pinterest, get one! The site is www.pinterest.com. You have to sign up and wait a few days to get the invite. When you get the invite you can create your boards and start pinning! If you know someone who already has a pinterest, they can invite you and then you won't spend days waiting in agony for pinterest to invite you!

Today I went to my old college to visit an old friend and we had a blast! She couldn't come to my wedding so I brought my wedding photos (all 700 of them) to show her! One of them is above :) We had fun going through all of them and it was fun to relive the day! I even showed her our wedding video which of course made me cry, like always. She is such a special person to me and it was so nice that she took the time to look through all the photos! She even walked to Wawa with me to get my beloved meatball hoagie! All in all, it was a great day!


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